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Pipeline Projects | Kern & Los Angeles Counties, CA

A local pipeline company transporting over 2.7 million barrels per day of crude oil, refined products, liquefied petroleum gases and natural gas liquids through 8,000 miles of operated pipeline has retained DPSI for engineering and design services. In addition to pipelines, our client operate several terminals in the US which distribute gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, aviation fuel, kerosene and other refined products. Based on inspection, it was determined that a section of an existing petroleum pipeline traversing the Rio Hondo Bridge in the City of Pico Rivera, a suburb of Los Angeles, required replacement. DPSI provided engineering and design services which included the pipeline replacement under the Rio Hondo Bridge. In addition, the client required the engineering and design of a pipeline pig launcher and receiver for their transportation pipeline in Midway-Sunset.

DPSI’s ongoing scope of work includes:

  • Attended site meetings with facility engineers to determine scope, discuss replacement options and constructability issues
  • Performed field technical investigations to gather dimensional data and review structural of the existing bridge
  • Pipeline engineering and design of the replacement pipeline and new launcher and receiver, including hoop stress calculations, material verification and specifications
  • Structural load and piping stress analysis calculations
  • Replacement pipeline design per general practice standards
  • Prepared construction package per general practice standards
  • Detailed piping design services to correctly locate proposed pressure relieving devices onto existing tank farm piping headers per general practice standards
  • Provided AutoCAD services to update the regulatory documents (P&IDs) for various manifolds at their Southwest Terminal, near Long Beach
  • Met with local city planners and engineers to discuss project engineering, design and execution planning

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